Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Which book is a good start on CMMI, coming from a Scrum/agile background?

Which book is a good start for learning about CMMI coming from a Scrum/agile background? ~ Quora User

Dear Readers – We've been having a lot of fun on Quora.com recently. For those who are new to the social media platform, I've found it to be a place for high-level discourse about (among other interesting topics) engineering strategy and software process improvement. Below is today's response. Enjoy! ~ the CMMI Appraiser

Dear Quora User,

If you’re looking for the definitive “CMMI-Scrum” book, commissioned by the CMMI Institute, you can download my book “The Guide to CMMI and Scrum” free from the CMMI Institute site, or from the Broadsword web site.

Here’s a review with links to a free download: A GUIDE TO SCRUM AND CMMI®: IMPROVING AGILE PERFORMANCE WITH CMMI.

It’s filled with tables and examples for all types of Agile ceremonies and techniques.

Have fun!

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