Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is the difference between RD and REQM?

What is the difference between REQM and Requirements Development? What are some of the the leading tools for capturing requirements?

Requirements Management, or "REQM," is all about maintaining the set of requirements that you have, and the process of accepting new ones. In the CMMI world, that includes understanding them, committing to them, managing changes to them, maintaining the appropriate degree of traceability, and understanding how they relate to the actual work being performed by the team.

Requirement Development, or "RD," is about the transformation of customer needs into requirements that can then evolve into a design and/or code. This includes eliciting the customer needs (JAD sessions, interviews, et al), transforming those needs into requirements, evolving them into product requirements, allocating the requirements across releases, teams, developers, or modules, validating them, and ensuring that they fit within the customer constraints and assumptions.

I am not aware of one single tool that does all of this, but parts can be supported by Borland's CaliberRM, IBM's ReqPro, or Doors. My preference is CaliberRM, but they all pretty much do the same thing. They are also all parts of a larger "development framework" that these companies market.


Anonymous said...

For the RD, or requirements elicitation, Borland’s DefineIT tool works with CalinerRM. With scenarios, storyboarding and test case generation, DefineIT allows business and analyst’s to get the requirements defined correctly before moving into requirements management.

Ramesh said...

Hi Jeff,

Great blog and great notes on several topics. Many of the topics you bring up are often pretty confusing and debated in many contexts. You have given a simple and lucid explanation. I appreciate your effort, time and sharing of knowledge.

I am Ramesh, SEI Authorised SCAMPI High Maturity Lead Appraiser. I live in Singapore and am working for QAI Singapore Pte Ltd.

Enjoyed and learnt a lot from your excellent presentation on agileCMMI . I get vexed with people who think CMMI cannot be applied to Agile processes. It is, in my opinion a way to evade and cover one's ignorance of the developments in SW Technologies. No where in CMMi we see any disconnect to apply it to different process environments. It all in the ingenuity and capability of the Lead Appraiser to interpret correctly and save a client than kill his enthusiasm as they consider CMMI.

I specialize in Software Measurements and Statistical Process Control. I have a Systems and Software Engineering in Aerospace domain. Have been in consulting for more than 8 years now. In all 26 years of track record. Would be more than happy to interact with you and share knowledge for mutual benefit.

Catch you later.