Thursday, July 19, 2007

Could you imagine a CMMI-compatible ERP?

Can you imagine a CMMI-compatible ERPs? It would be, indeed, a kind of “Big Brother” system.

I think you answered the question already. I could imagine it, but I sure wouldn't recommend it!

If I understand your question, your asking if a system that globally controls practitioner's work so that they were "CMMI-Compatible" would be a good idea.

There are several products on the market the purport to deliver CMMI compliance if only the developers would just fill out the forms and use the system. These products try to tightly control the environment so that developers CAN'T go any other route. Believe it or not, Microsoft claims to have such a system (don't get me started . . .). Compuware has one also.

I guess I would have to say that anyone who advocates this type of approach may understand workflow and military efficiency, but probably doesn't appreciate the creative process used to develop software. As I've said many times, software development is not linear and cannot follow a linear process succesfully. The "big brother" approach defeats the purpose of improving process performance and probably won't result in accelerated development, reduced defects, and better retention of employees- the three biggest reasons I believe the CMMI is valuable.

The CMMI is not about filling out forms - it's about increasing productivity through the elimination of non-value added work, improving project visibility, and using fact-based data to make sound business decisions. This is something that I appreciate more and more the older and more experienced I get.

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