Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Should SAM be in our appraisal scope?

Do organizations that develop software applications over SAP or Oracle Applications and that deliver no products or products components to their customers require the SAM Process Area to be in appraisal scope?

As you may know, SAM is the only PA allowed to be “out of scope” for a CMMI Appraisal. However, it's not automatic. The exclusion of SAM is something that will need to be understood, negotiated, and agreed to between the appraisal sponsor and the Lead Appraiser.

In general, I am comfortable excluding SAM if the appraised organization does not purchase key products or services from a supplier that ends up being integrated into your product. In other words, if you hire a company to write a device driver for your handheld inventory device that you use or market, then SAM would be applicable. On the other hand, if you purchase an off-the-shelf “c” library that offers a spell check routine, and you got it from CDW for 29.95, I would not apply SAM. SAM could also apply to internal suppliers, like an operations department, if a service-level agreement exists and they do indeed need to integrated into your product.

Another test I would apply is, is it possible to apply the SAM practices to a particular vendor? For instance, SAP probably wouldn’t comply with your request to “monitor selected supplier processes.”


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vrinn said...

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