Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Should we receive a "Partially Implemented" if we don't use historical data for estimates?

The majority of my appraisal team wanted to rate PP SP 1.4 “Partially Implemented” because they felt we were missing one critical element: how we took actuals from the prior year and translated those into plans for the current year (e.g., with a multiplier, due to complexity differences and/or team experience differences). I felt that the absence of that piece of written data was not sufficient to prevent us from attaining the larger Goal. What do you think?”

In general, I’m reluctant to require any prescriptive method as the only way to satisfy a practice. In other words, a project can very easily estimate properly without specifically taking actual estimates from the prior year and using them with a multiplier as you have described. I agree with your assessment, the absence of a specific piece of written data should not stop you from achieving a goal as long as you are achieving it in some other way.

The suggested work products in the book are just that, suggestions. There's no need to take them literally.

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