Friday, July 9, 2010

I have some general questions about the SCAMPI Appraisal "Final Review."

I frequently browse your blog and always get some real good insights. Thumbs up to you and your team! Further, I am an ATM team member in my company. My question is regarding the final review by the LA. I want to ask that...

1. What part do an ATM team member has to play in the final review?
By final review, I assume you mean the "onsite" portion of the appraisal (also known as "Phase 2" in the SCAMPI Method).
Every participant on an appraisal team plays an important role and will have responsibilities. Your role and responsibilities will be defined and explained to you during training and included in an Appraisal Plan. In general, you review the evidence, debate it's merit with the other ATMs, and agree upon a characterization (or "grade").

2. They say that our final review would be of 8 days. The first 3 days is some kind of training. is it right?
Well that depends. You haven’t mentioned whether you have had any training up to this point. There are 2 types of training that are required before you can participate in an appraisal, the Introduction to CMMI v1.2 (typically a 3 day course) and SCAMPI Team Training V1.2 (typically 1 day). These training courses will answer your questions regarding CMMI and how the appraisal will be run. However, you should have taken these BEFORE the appraisal started. The appraisal team team training should last about two days.

3. if yes then What kind of training it is?

The Introduction to CMMI v1.2 is intended to expose you to the key components of CMMI. This class is required for anyone planning to participate on a SCAMPI Appraisal team.

The SCAMPI Team Training prepares you to be team members on an appraisal team. The course objectives include preparing students to effectively participate as team members, understanding how to support the appraisal plan goals and objectives, objective evidence data collection, data consolidation and ratings. This course includes portions of a guided case study to simulate activities in actual appraisal. The interactive lectures and exercises use a simulated appraisal and Appraisal Wizard® to further facilitate the learning experience.

4. For the rest of the 5 days, LA will interview and check the documents or the ATM will do this?
The entire appraisal team is involved with interviews and checking documents. There are several different ways this could work depending on the size of the appraisal team. Typically the appraisal team is broken down into mini-teams that will address sets of project data during the appraisal either at the project level or by process area. Mini-teams are tasked with collection and verification of objective evidence, participating in interviews, and providing initial characterizations. As for interviews, as an ATM you will most likely participate in several but possibly not all interviews.

5. Do the LA interview the ATM team members? If yes then could you please give an idea that what areas we would be asked?

No, the LA will not interview the ATM’s. During an appraisal, interviews are conducted with the projects involved as well as Functional Area Representatives (FAR). Project interviews are for project managers (and any other team members if necessary) and specific questions are asked that focus on the project and all process areas under the appraisal. The specific responses are to verify process adaptation at the project level. FAR interviews are designed for a specific role, such as Project Manager, Line Manager, Sponsor, etc… These interviews include broad questions focused on roles and associated responsibilities. The general responses are not project specific, but are meant to verify process adaptation at the organizational level.

Good luck and have fun!

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