Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do I confirm someone is an SEI Certified Lead Appraiser like they say they are?

Dear Appraiser:

I've been talking to a consultant about helping us to understand the CMMI. He claims to be a "Certified Lead Appraiser." How can I confirm this?

LOL! Being "certifiable" is one of the pre-reqs for becoming a Lead Appraiser, so maybe he's on the level!

But seriously folks....

All SCAMPI Lead Appraisers (and CMMI Instructors) must be certified by the SEI and certification is a matter of public record.

To become certified all LA's need to have the pre-requisite experience and education, take the required training, successfully complete multiple exams, and be observed by the SEI conducting their first SCAMPI Appraisal. It's a rigorous process (as it should be) and can be costly.

To confirm an LA's certification you can go the the SEI's Partner site and search for them at: www.sei.cmu.edu/partners/directory/individuals.

In addition, a Lead Appraiser must be sponsored by a licensed SEI Partner.



Anonymous said...

Not all so clear with SEI requirements. Consider one situation.
In July Certified LA worked with SEI Partner which paid annual fee for this LA. LA also have certiicate from SEI which is valid till December. In August LA stopped his (her) work with that SEI Partner and had no affilation with any SEI Partner. He (she) removed from list on SEI site. But annual fee was paid by sponsored SEI Partner and valid certificate is in place. Why not to be certified?
What can you say?

Jeff Dalton said...

As I said at the end of my post, an LA most also be CURRENTLY sponsored by an SEI Partner to practice as a Lead Appraiser.

In order for an individual to perform as a Lead Appraiser BOTH conditions must be true - the sponsorship and the certification.

That's the way it works.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,

Yes, to perform as Lead Appraiser two conditions must be satisfied - certification and sponsorship of SEI Partner.
But in some conditions (I described) LA can be recognized as Certified without sponsorship (but can't perform any authorized services). :) This is a kind of thing that follows from SEI regulations but of course SEI will disagree with what I said. But without any reasons, just because of SEI's status as certification body.
And this case is not the only one (I mean - in SEI regulations) when SEI judgement is more significant than SEI regulations. And this is what (I hope) will be discussed in "my" workgroup of PAB.

Jeff Dalton said...

I guess I'm not getting your point. If you can't perform an appraisal your status as an LA is not complete. There are two steps to be satisfied. If you are saying you are certified, but you are not sponsored, then your Lead Appraiser quals are incomplete. They would, however, become complete if you re-entered service with another SEI Partner.