Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can an individual person be CMMI Certified?

Dear Appraiser,

Can an individual person be CMMI level 1 and 2 certified?

Though it defies most logic, there really is no "Level 1" as it essentially means "has not been appraised." Other than sometimes being used as a way to describe a very immature organization (as in "their software is so bad they must be level 1") it's not really part of the vernacular. We usually start at Maturity Level Two.

CMMI is something that is applied to an organization - for instance a company, or part of a company. Individuals people per se are never the subject of an appraisal and therefore cannot be, themselves, a "level" of CMMI. However, if a single person makes up an entire company, such as an independent contractor that writes software, and they need/want to achieve a Maturity Level, they could potentially achieve a level of CMMI as an organization (albeit a one-person organization) - but it's extremely rare.

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