Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jeff speaking at SEPG 2009 in San Jose, CA

The SEI's annual conference, SEPG 2009 is coming soon in San Jose, CA.  SEPG is the big one, the place where process geeks like me and you get to come together, network, learn new things, and make jokes that only we will understand ("so a PPQA auditor comes into a bar....").

Taking place March 23-26, the conference draws 1500 of the world's best practitioners of process improvement and features dozens of great speakers including many of my favorites like Pat O'Tool, Steve Masters, Mike Konrad, David Anderson, Hillel Glazer, and Rick Hefner.

Yours truly will be speaking at least three times: a re-dux of last years #1 presentation (as voted by attendees) "MORE Notes from the Blogosphere" in which we'll examine the most common questions posted to "Ask The CMMI Appraiser" and play a game of "Stump the Appraiser" (with plenty of swag), "Successfully reaching CMMI ML2 with Agile Methods" with my friend and client Ross Timmerman of Johnson Controls, and "CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both" with Mike Konrad and David Anderson.  Also as a back up I hope to be presenting "Encapsulated Process Objects."

Be there or be square.  We'll have a blast!

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