Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we have a global configuration plan or does each project need one?

I would like to ask you a question about Configuration Management from ML2. At the place I'm currently working at we have implemented a global CM plan applicable to all projects (in addition to that, we also have what we call a 'cover page', which is where we include all the roles with the corresponding team members). Should any of them present any difference with the original CM plan, we have a section destined to these particularities inside an application called Team Foundation Server (TFS).
Is it correct to be doing the afore-described, or should we be using a specific CM plan for each project?"
Well, that depends!
I personally can't stand that answer when I get it, but your post left me with no choice!
It all comes down to "what" is in the plan and the characteristics of your projects.  If your projects all use identical work products and code modules, and there is little or no variation, then yes, one plan could work.  Other factors influencing my response would be company size, project complexity, timing, and methodologies being used.
One approach to consider might be to split the CM Plan that your using into one global document that is "common" to all, and another piece for the "project specific" data.  It sounds like you're doing some of this using TFS, which is great, but I have to believe there is more uniqueness to each project than you've described.  If not, you're probably in decent shape.

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