Sunday, March 25, 2018

Timeline for the release of CMMI v2.0 Components

Editor's Note: This is fifth in our series about the upcoming release of CMMI v2.0 [Jeff] -- updated.

CMMI v2.0 is HERE!!!!

The first release of the latest version of the CMMI, last updated in 2010, happened on schedule at the end of March, and we couldn't be any more excited!  

But, there are lot of components to be released, and they won't all come out at once.  Here's what we know for now:

Initial v2.0 Release - March 28, 2018

The initial release of the new model focuses, for now, only on the "Development View" (the closest thing to a "View," a new keyword in v2.0, is the entity formerly known as a "constellation").

The entire model related to Development has been released, along with a new online navigator - a database-driven tool that will allow users to login, surf the model, and look at it from different perspectives (Maturity Level, Practice Area, etc). 

They released the initial training for this View - a two day class called "Foundations in Capability" and a one-day class called "Building DEV Excellence."  This is roughly equivalent to today's "Introduction to CMMI" class, but will include a certification exam.  Successful completion of the exam is a prerequisite (among others) for serving on an Appraisal Team.

We're teaching Washington, DC's very first CMMI v2.0 class on May 7-9, along with our famous CMMI-Agile Integration Workshop on the 10th and 11th.  You can find more information about registering for both classes here.

Mid-Year 2018

A new version of the appraisal process AND appraisal system (the dreaded "SAS"), will be released.  I'll cover the new appraisal method in another post, but hold on - it's different!

January 1, 2019

New v2.0 Benchmarking appraisals (formerly called SCAMPI A appraisals) based on CMMI v2.0 will be accepted by the CMMI Institute.  So, if you plan on adopting CMMI in the next year, this will be available to you....BUT....

March 2020 (tentative): 

CMMI v1.3 appraisals will no longer be accepted and CMMI v1.3 will be sunset.

2019 - TBA

Release of the Services View, and potentially, a Cyber-Security View.  So stay tuned! 

A Lot of Changes Coming - But Not All at Once!

If you've been reading the blog, you know there are lot of changes coming.  But all of the fanfare for March 28 is only for the initial release of the new model, and a set of training classes.  Sure - it'll be awesome, but there is SO Much more to come!

There are quite a few other changes – including the new sampling rules, and more.  I'll be back in a couple of days to write about those.

Meantime, if you're interested in learning more about the set of in-depth classes we are offering on the subject in May, click "CMMI v2.0 Training."

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