Thursday, March 15, 2018

CMMI v2.0: What is going on with the Constellations DEV, SVC, and ACQ?

Editor's Note: This is fourth in our series about the upcoming release of CMMI v2.0 [Jeff]

A lot of people have been asking, "What's happening with the Constellations?" Short answer - they're gone for CMMI v2.0!

Yes, that's right.  In v1.3 of the CMMI, there are 3.5 flavors, or constellations. What?  3.5?  Yes - that's right.  There are three "official" version of CMMI, known today as CMMI-DEV, for engineering, software, and other product development organizations, there is CMMI-SVC for those companies delivering pure services (staff augmentation, call centers, data centers, etc), and CMMI-ACQ for those organizations that "acquire" all of their products and services.  The .5 is People-CMM, or P-CMM, which isn't official CMM"I", yet, but is sometimes included in the set of constellations (but not officially) when people talk about CMMI.

All of this is going away in v2.0, to be replaced by "views."  This is exactly what it sounds like.  The new CMMI v2.0 will be a table-driven RDMS product (no book!), that will leave the door open for both real-time and long-term enhancements and changes without the need to re-artchitect the model and come out with a new book.

It will ALSO leave the door open for "build your own model," although that will not be part of the initial release in v2.0

In fact, the "initial" release on March 31 will only include what we know today as DEV, now called "CMMI Development."  The next release, date unknown, is said to be what we know today as SVC, now called "CMMI Services."  There is rumor of a really exciting cyber security model being added after that, but nothing has been officially announced. 

So, if you're familiar with the concept of "views" of a relational database, you'll see what they did. They've opened up the model for different views (queries), and they've predefined the first one for us and they're calling it "CMMI Development."  Who knows where this will lead?  But it reminds me of "Build a Bear Workshop."  Lots of potential!

We'll explore all of that in DC's first CMMI v2.0 training class here: CMMI v2.0 Training.

Overall, the approach seems solid.  An online tool is long overdue and will make moving about the model easier, as well as open it up for potential tool developers. I'm disappointed that they are not planning a book, though.  A big part of the new CMMI training will be teaching people how to use a database tool, and having them stare at the tool during class, and probably checking their email and doing work while they're at it.  That's what my experience teaching the class 129 times is - laptops are distracting, but the books gets them focused! We'll make it work though.

There are quite a few other changes.  I'll be back in a couple of days to write about more!

In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about the set of in-depth classes we are offering on the subject May 7-9, click "CMMI v2.0 Training."

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