Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is the status of the transition to the CMMI Institute?

Hey, Jeff! What is the status of the CMMI operating authority? ~ AgileDC Participant

To those who were able to join us at AgileDC in the National's Capital, it was great to see you! What a treat to be with so many people who care deeply about Agile.  The best part for me was making new friends and sharing new strategies for making Agile stronger with the CMMI at my “Agile Resiliency” presentation.

You know, one of the reasons I love to give CMMI trainings and presentations is, it’s a great chance to meet so many of you readers out there. For example, I met a woman who remembered the series of posts we did after the SEI’s announcement last spring and summer.  As you may recall, in May, the SEI announced that operation of the CMMI would be moved to a new business unit within Carnegie Mellon University.

“So what’s the status?” she asked. “Who is taking over operations of the CMMI?”

The transition of CMMI operations is well underway. The new organization is named "CMMI Institute" (  It is headed up by global technology executive, Kirk Botula, formerly the COO of Confluence.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kirk in my capacity as Chairman of the SEI’s Partner Advisory Board.

Coincidentally, one of my first stops after the AgileDC Conference was in Pittsburgh for strategic meetings with Kirk. We met in CMMI Institute’s new offices.  Click here to read my impressions of my visit to the new CMMI Institute.

Again, great to see so many of you at AgileDC.  Keep reading Ask the CMMI Appraiser for updates and insights on the current events that are shaping our industry.

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