Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! CMMI Style!

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My good friend, and CMMI expert, Shawn Rapjack has come with his own "CMMI resolutions" for the new year.  Take it away . . . Shaaaaaaaawnnnnnn!

Happy New Year – CMMI Style!

I hope you’ve recovered from Jeff’s eggnog extravaganza of the ‘Twelve Days of CMMI’ With the New Year, it’s time for resolutions, self-improvement and, yes … Process Improvement! 

If I’m a senior project manager or company president, what resolutions should I consider?  Start making the coffee when the pot is low...  That’s good, but let’s focus on management improvement resolutions for the New Year:

1)    I resolve to be a vocal process improvement sponsor. I will be a visible proponent of our company’s engineering improvements, leading by example. My employees will know that process improvement is positive, beneficial, and supported throughout the organization.

2)    I resolve to accept change. With improvement comes change – I will actively engage with my process team to derive tailored processes and engineering solutions that are logical, that save time and money, and that are agreed upon by all stakeholders.

3)    I will personally monitor improvements.  I will engage with my process team to understand how processes are being piloted and implemented.  I will understand process impacts.

4)    I will provide resources. The process team, managers, and employees will need time to implement improvements – I will ensure they have adequate time and other resources (training, meeting space, PALs, etc.)

5)    I resolve to understand the CMMI model. I, and my management team, will take ‘Introductory CMMI’ or ‘CMMI for Managers’ courses. (Broadsword Training)

6)    I will make the CMMI fun! I don’t want my employees to loathe learning about or implementing new engineering solutions!  Improving my workplace environment should be a positive experience!  (Broadsword Training - Learning is Fun!)

7) I will ban the words ‘process’ and ‘CMMI’ from my vernacular.  I will think of it as ‘E-N-G-I-N-E-E-R-I-N-G’ instead.

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