Monday, January 16, 2012

Do I have to take the High Maturity Class again with CMMI v1.3? Say it isn't so Jeff!

Dear Appraiser,

I have an issue asking you for help. I have taken the course of "Understanding CMMI High Maturity Practices." Now SEI has upgraded the course. I think there must exist some differences but not very big. However I hope I can get the copy of new version of the course lecture note. Of course, I can pay some dollars to SEI but I don't want to attend the course. Is there a way to solve this issue? Please help me to solve this issue. ~Bosheng


I don't blame you - I wouldn't want to take that CMMI training course again either!

The Understand CMMI High Maturity Practices course (ironically called "UCHMP" - pronounced "You Chump") is a 5 day course about applying statistical techniques to process improvement using the CMMI Maturity Level Four and Five Process Areas.  I took it four or five years ago myself.

When v1.3 of the CMMI came out last year the upgrade featured some major changes to ML5, including the removal of a ML5 Process Area (Organizational Innovation and Deployment - OID) and the inclusion of a new Ml5 Process Area (Organization Performance Management - OPM).

The differences between OID and OPM are numerous, but there is not an upgrade class just for so-called "high-maturity."  So even if you wanted to "pay some dollars to the SEI," you wouldn't be able to get it.  But there is hope.

The SEI offers a CMMI v1.3 model upgrade course that you can take online.  That has a complete description of OPM and a comparison between that and OID.

If you wish to be a member of a ML4 or ML5 CMMI Appraisal team you MUST take this upgrade course, as well as participate in some face-to-face training with your certified lead appraiser.

If you don't intend on being a member of the appraisal team, you might consider connecting with you friendly CMMI Consultant to sit down with you an explain their interpretation of the changes.

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