Sunday, September 18, 2011

We need CMMI training ASAP! Where can I find it?

Dear Appraiser,

We need to learn everything there is to know about CMMI Training ASAP!  Where can we get this training?  We want something a little more than a "lecture."

Everything there is to know?  I'm not sure ANY training class would get you there :)  But maybe I can help.

The "Introduction to CMMI" course is an excellent course for anyone who is tasked with, or interested in, transforming their organization into a high-performing, lean, and productive team.  Beginning with the WHY to use CMMI, then followed by the WHAT you need to do, and finally the HOW to do it, the Intro to CMMI class is a great beginning for any project manager, engineer, software developer, line manager, analyst, tester, or process or quality professional.

You could take the course at the SEI, but you might consider taking from an SEI Partner, like Broadsword Solutions Corporation (  They'll fill in the gaps with stories, examples, exercises, and case studies as they go - based on their real-world experience.  They even cover CMMI and Agile.

Boadsword just happens to be running one of these "Introduction to CMMI" Training classes November 2nd-4th in Troy Michigan on the campus of Central Michigan University.  You can register at

Good luck - and enjoy your class!

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