Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When was CMMI v1.3 Released?

Dear Appraiser,

I need to know when CMMI v1.3 was released.  What's the deal?

You would think that was a simple question!  But as you might expect from our dear friends at the SEI, they have thought of many different variables.

CMMI v1.3 was released in the fall of 2010, but you can still use CMMI v1.2 until November 2011.  SCAMPI v1.3 wasn't released until March 2011, and you can use SCAMPI v1.2 until March 2012.

Soooooo.... that means, for now, you can conduct a CMMI v1.2 appraisal using SCAMPI v1.2 OR SCAMPI 1.3, or you could conduct a CMMI v1.3 Appraisal against either SCAMPI v1.3 OR SCAMPI v1.2.   At least until November!  Got it?

Maybe this picture will help . . .

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