Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How do we best implement GP2.1

Dear Appraiser,

In our company we have implemented GP2.1 ([ed. GP2.1 is about having a policy]) by creating an all-encompassing policy book.  It has 18 sections, one for each PA (Process Area) and a policy statement for each.  Then at the end all of our management signed the book.  We think this is an excellent piece of evidence for GP2.1 but our Lead Appraiser started laughing at us when he saw it.  This hurt my feelings because I created it.  What do you think?

What do I think?  WHAT DO I THINK?  Ha hahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Oh, just kidding!

GP2.1 is about setting expectations in your organization to perform a process.  Let's put aside for a second the notion that PA's are NOT processes, the best way to guage whether or not what you've done actually sets that expectation is to stop people in the hall and ask them how they know they're supposed to use a policy.  Most will tell you "because my supervisor said so."  Not too many will say "because I read the 18 page policy book, and since it was signed by 30 people I took it seriously!."

If you remember the 2004 US Presidential election we had a candidate named John Kerry who, while brilliant, was famous for long-winded, complex answers.  Yea, he answered the question better the George Bush did (GWB just nodded and said "Yep, darn tootin'" to every question), but he lost us and no one paid attention.  This is what your book will do.

Setting a policy is a multi-dimensional, multi-medium exercise and if you'd stop focusing on the APPRAISAL and start focusing on being GREAT, you'll realize this.

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