Friday, October 1, 2010

Can we just use some documents we created for our customer's process to be ML2?

In a recently completed contract, our company provided support which included helping a Federal agency implement process improvements and achieve a CMMI level 2 maturity rating in CMMI for Acquisition. Personnel from our company developed, documented, and implemented the processes with input, approval, and oversight from the government staff.
Our management asked whether there was any way to use the documentation developed in that contract as evidence in a level 2 appraisal for our company’s CMMI-SVC efforts.
Is there any way that process documentation (methods and evidence) can be used in a CMMI-SVC Level 2 appraisal of our company’s processes?

Of course they did! :)

You have probably heard the SEI joke that the answer to everything is “it depends!”

A CMMI SCAMPI Appraisal is an evaluation of your business practices, behaviors, processes, and deliverables. To the extent that what you developed for your client has been embraced and adopted by YOUR company, and you can demonstrate that is “the what things are done around here” then there is no issue with you re-using process documentation created for another client.
But if your thought is that you will just present this documentation to a Lead Appraiser, without adopting it for your own use, then I doubt that would be useful for you. If it did make it possible for you to achieve CMMI-SVC ML2 under these conditions, then I would question your Lead Appraiser’s competency (or ethics)!

That all said, the SVC and ACQ constellations may share 16 Process Areas, but the target stakeholders of the practices are much different. The way they are adopted is much different. So, adoption of the processes you developed for your client with ASQ may not be a good fit for your 

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