Monday, May 10, 2010

What Process Areas have to be Capability Level 4 for us to be Maturity Level 4?

Dear Appraiser,
I have a few questions to ask you about CMMI. These questions came up during my lectures and I would like to confirm them with you.
1) For Maturity Level 4, which PAs need to have Capability Level 4?
None. To achieve a maturity level all PAs in ML2/ML3/ML4 must be at least Capability Level 3 and the PAs in ML4 must be applied to a business-appropriate set of sub-processes. Using the staged representation GG4 does not exist - only GG2 and GG3.
2) For Maturity Level 5, which PAs need to have Capability Level 5?
uhh....again, none. Using the staged representation PAs must only have GG2 and GG3 applied to them (equivalent to Capability Level 2/3). But GG4/GG5 are not required as they are redundant to the PAs in ML4.
Please tell me you're not lecturing about CMMI.....

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