Monday, May 10, 2010

Can any Process Areas in CMMI-DEV be skipped?

For Maturity Level 2, 7 PAs must be appraised. What if the company does not need SAM, does it still need to implement the SAM or not? How about the other 6 PAs, can any of them be skipped?

I had a client once that told me that they "didn't plan" so Project Planning was "not applicable" for them. That's a true story!
Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) is the only process area that MAY be deemed "not applicable" if the company truly has no need for it - in other words they do not use both external or internal suppliers. NO OTHER PROCESS AREAS CAN BE "NOT APPLICABLE!"
And even SAM requires that you and your Lead Appraiser agree on its applicability.
Have at it!

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