Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been tagged with leading our company's CMMI effort - where do I start?

I just got the good news - a big promotion to drive our company's effort towards CMMI ML2. Where should I start?

Great question.

Assuming you have not already done so, try to locate an offering of the SEI's NEW CLASS "CMMI ML2 for Practitioners." This class is new, and may not be available everywhere, but is more focused than the traditional "Introduction to CMMI" course, which is also a great course to take, but is broader than what you need.

You could also read any of the great books by James Persse or Michael West, especially Michael's "Real Process Improvement with the CMMI."

Other than that, read every post on this blog, and check out the SEI's web site at for papers and presentations.

And get yourself a good, solid CMMI Consultant - make sure he/she is a Lead Appraiser or CMMI Instructor that has been CERTIFIED (not authorized) by the SEI.

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vijayalakshmi said...

Can I know howz you doing with the company's CMMI effort?
I wanted some input cause I am now in the same place where you were few months ego, Now I am tagged with it.