Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can software itself ever be assessed at a CMMI Maturity Level?

I understand a software development organization can be CMMI accessed
at various levels, but software is not said to be CMMI accessed correct?

CMMI is a set of processes which guide the organization, but not the resulting software.

I often hear of companies proclaiming that their software is "CMMI Level x Compliant." I just had a company tell me that they methodology, which was for sale, was "CMMI Maturity Level 5." Both of these characterizations are misleading.

You are correct - an organization is the target of an appraisal, not the software or the methods used to develop it.

To your last point, that CMMI is a set of processes, I will have to disagree. The CMMI is a model that serves as a set of requirements (or a framework) that you would use to develop your process. Using it as a process would be a disaster.

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