Sunday, March 22, 2009

We are a testing company going to ML3. Do we need to perform TS and PI?

We are a testing company in SoCal.  We want to go to ML3 and our appraiser tells us we can leave Technical Solutions and Product Integration out of scope for our appraisal.  That doesn't sound right - what do you think?

Whoa nellie!  The SCAMPI MDD ia clear on this subject (and I wish more LAs would read it!).  If you’re going to achieve ML3 using the CMMI-DEV Constellation then PI and TS are required.  The only PA you may leave out of scope for an appraisal is POTENTIALLY Supplier Agreement Management (SAM).  So yes, you would need a policy to set expectations for TS and PI, a process to follow, tailoring guidelines, and so on. 

Putting aside the SCAMPI requirements, why would a testing organization NOT want to use these process areas?  You select and use technology, write scripts, execute test plans, run regression and integration tests right?  Most of that is covered in TS and PI and is a perfect fit for your kind of business.

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