Sunday, March 22, 2009

Must defect measures be consolidated into the measurement repository?

I met an ATM that told me that an appraised organization failed ML 3 because the LA said it is required to consolidate in the measurement repository data from defects. The measurement repository of the organization contains consolidation of historical effort estimation data. The organization answered to the LA that according to its business objective, historical effort estimation data is the most important data to consolidate, no defects. The LA reply that in ML 3 the measurement repository must contain a set of measures not just one measure. I am not sure if this is right.
Sometimes I just want to take a cricket paddle and swat some of my fellow LA's on the side of head. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
Yes, OPD has a requirement for establishing a measurement repository, and the informative material describes what the contents MIGHT be.  No where in that description, or in the process area in general, does it describe specific measures that need to be in the repository - other than to say "product and process measures."
To further make the case, the use of the repository is to satisfy practices in IPM to "plan the project."  In that context, you're argument seems solid to me.  Knowing the little that I know about your experience, and if all else you've said is accurate, I would not approve of your Lead Appraiser's opinion.
You may consider engaging an LA that understands the model better and has more practical experience.

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