Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upcoming conferences - come hear Jeff speak!

Dear Readers,

Come join me at some of these great conferences where I'll be speaking in the next few months.
Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference

"Encapsulated Process Objects"

Grand Rapids, MI

November 5th, 2008



Agile Development Practices

"Agile CMMI"

Orlando, FL

November 12th, 2008



National Defense Industry Association (NDIA) CMMI User Group

"Encapsulated Process Objects: How Object Orientation and Agility can supercharge your process improvement program"

Denver, CO

November 17th - 20th



 - 2009 -

SEI's SEPG 2009

"MORE Notes from the Blogosphere"

"Agile and CMMI: Why not embrace both"

"Johnson Controls: an Agile CMMI experience report"

San Jose, CA

March 2009


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