Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can I get a list of questions we'll be asked during a SCAMPI Appraisal?

I'm driving my company to CMMi Level 3 certification. We are a very different company in the sense that we are a product development company and the final product is the combined output of electronics, mechanical and software.  Can you please give me some of the example questions, LA will ask for in the appraisal - especially in mechanical.

People often ask me this - some even complain to the SEI that there isn't a "question bank" available that every LA is supposed to ask.  Unfortunately, this betrays a lack of understanding about how the CMMI, and SCAMPI, is used.

In SCAMPI, process performance is verified through a number of means, with interviews being one of them.  There are also other means - documents, presentations, surveys, and others.  SCAMPI finds practices to be strong or weak based on the combination of available evidence.  Depending on the organization, we may not even ask a question about a certain practice if other evidence is available.

The questions we ask also are best if they're tailored to the organization's situation. For instance, if it's a company that makes microprocessors, questions about software may be invalid.  

Another instance is the need to tailor questions to fit the local culture.  If I'm appraising a small, agile organization I'm not going to fill my questions with references to "Change Control Boards," governance infrastructure," "SEPGs" and other words or phrases typical at large companies.  If it's a huge DOD contractor, I'm not going to talk about "sprints," "jolt cola" or skateboards either!

I do have a database of questions I ask, and the list is always growing just like I am always learning.

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Anonymous said...

"I do have a database of questions I ask, and the list is always growing just like I am always learning."

Could you please share your database of questions with ATMs like us.