Sunday, August 3, 2008

I was just accepted to the SCAMPI B and C Team Leader Class. Any tips for passing?

I was just accepted into the SCAMPI B/C Team Leader Program and was hoping for some tips for passing the class.

Congratulations on your acceptance! It’s a great class and a great career move on your part.

As far as preparation for the class, a solid understanding of not only the CMMI model itself (including the meaning and purpose of the Generic Practices), but also a solid skill set for conducting appraisals.

For me, the biggest problem I see in our SCAMPI Appraiser community is that, while most have a solid understanding of the model, many don't have the pre-requisite consulting and client management expertise. An Appraisal is a sensitive, expensive, and trying event for a client, and the skilled appraiser will handle their concerns and fears with professionalism and empathy. One must not only be an expert at CMMI, but must also have Engineering and Project Management experience, and be a strong and effective management consultant.

The SCAMPI MDD (available for download from the SEI) is the handbook for appraisals, so read and understand that, but also begin to conceptualize in your mind what an appraisal is like – what the client is feeling and going through, how much it takes out of them, and just what it takes for THEM to conduct an appraisal.

Also try to get your self a copy of the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Body of Knowledge (SLA-BOK) for review. I participated on the team that developed it and there is quite a bit of information in there.

As for the test, that's up to you. Pay attention in class, read the material, participate, and you'll likely do well. Good luck!

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