Thursday, March 13, 2008

How do we apply the CMMI if all we do is Code and Test?

There are some projects in our company which are comprised of only coding and unit level testing activities. All the other activities ( requirements gathering, analysis, design, monitoring (task priority, taks allocation, system testing ) are all handled by our customer. How are these type of projects handled by the CMMI?

Projects of this nature, if they truly have no other tasks other than coding and unit testing, can still use and follow the relevant CMMI process areas.

For purposes of an appraisal, assuming you have other projects that DO utilize a full life cycle, you could make those projects your "focus" projects and the coding/testing projects as "non-focus" projects.

That said, it's hard for me to imagine how a project can only have "coding and testing." Don't they work from a plan? Don't they capture metrics realted to what they're doing? Don't they practice CM? QA? Are tasks not monitored and controlled?

And how about requirements? Are you saying that your project teams don't discover, or "derive" requirements that the customer didn't think of? I'm not sure that's even possible!

If you think about it, even in the scenario you've described, most of the relevent process areas are represented.

Yea, it's depressing, I know. But suck it up.

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