Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anyone going to SEPG 2008?

Well, it's that time of year again - time to head down to Tampa for the biggest geek-fest of all time, the SEI's SEPG 2008!

We're heading down this Sunday night, and it will be a welcomed change for the 10 degrees and ice that we have in Detroit (and in Rochester, NY where I am right now). If you haven't made plans yet it's not too late.

This year will be a great show - a number of our friends are speaking, including our pal Hillel from Baltimore with his ever-present passion and energy for integrating Agile and CMMI, Pat O'Toole will be giving his usual, and I'll be presenting both a "Poster Session" on Monday and Tuesday in the main hall, and then talking about our blog, "Ask the CMMI Appraiser" on Wednesday at 4:20 in the main ballroom. That session will be "Live Blogged" with Jill Mannaioni at the keyboard.

This just in! We'll be having a panel discussion with Mike Konrad (off CMMI and SEI fame), Hillel, David Anderson, and myself on Wednesday evening to present our joint paper, "CMMI and Agile: Why not choose both?" This is sure to attract a crowd and be entertaining. Did you know Mike K. earned a PhD at 16?

Of course they'll be lots of parties, dinners, and receptions to attend, and a room full of vendors. I'm looking forward to seeing our friend Frank Koch from Process Strategies, and my all time favorite SEI guy, Steve Masters.

The SEI Member lunch and award session will be a blast, as will the SEI Partner lunch with a special guest, Watts Humphrey, as the speaker.

I just found out I'll be doing a video interview with the SEI's marketing department on Tuesday - should be loads of fun!

See you all in Tampa!!!!!


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