Thursday, September 6, 2007

What is the best tool for implementing CMMI?

We need to implement CMMI. What is the best tool to do this?

Excuse me while I take a tool to my head. . . oh, sorry, I thought I was in the wood shop!

By far the best tool to use for CMMI is the one between your ears.

Applying logic and sound business judgment in selecting your approach, who should be involved, and how success is defined will be the single most important “tool” in your arsenal.

I worked with a client once who spent millions on a “tool” to “do CMMI” but they gave a blank stare when asked about their business goals and objectives.

That said, you'll likely end up with more than one new toy to play with if you decide to go agead and buy something.


Anonymous said...

I've seen plenty of companies trying to find silver bullet tools for process improvement, and even companies that thought they had found one.

In my opinion, there is no such tool. Sure, lots of tools are useful, but in my opinion CMMI is about improving maturity, and no tool can do that for you. Sorry about the shameless plug, but I've written down some of my experiences with CMMI here, and I get into a discussion about tools somewhere in the text.

Like Jeff said, the best "tool" is what you have between your ears.

Anonymous said...

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