Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What if we don't perform DAR on a project? Should we still fill out the forms?

Process areas like DAR etc... may not be used every time in all project circumstances, although informally some of it may happen. Does it mean we use the standard DAR template to formalize these exercises ?

Hmmmm, should you fill out a form only for the purpose of "satisfying" CMMI even though it may not be needed? My good friend and colleague Hillel might say this type of behavior "enraged him" in response to this non-value added activity. I'll stop short of being enraged and settle on perplexed. Why add the overhead?

I would never ask you to fill out a form just for the CMMI. There are projects that just don't perform any DAR practices, nor do they have a need to. If that is the case then DAR evidence just wouldn't be available for that project. Of course, it's not a free pass to ignore DAR either. Someone with appropriate authority should want to know WHY DAR wasn't needed, and a process for tailoring would need to be demonstrated, but that's another subject.

Bottom line? Don't do things "just for the CMMI." Do things that make sense for you and your business - and have an appropriate process for tailoring.


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