Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Where can I get CMMI V2.0-related content for studying?

Where could I get CMMI V2.0-related content for studying? I can’t get it because it is paid. I am working as a CMMI implementer in an IT company. ~ Quora User 

Dear Readers – recently I've been answering questions about performance improvement, CMMI, and Agile from engineering and software professionals and leaders, on Below is my response to a CMMI adopter who wants to be understand the new Model upgrade, CMMI V2.0. Enjoy! ~ the CMMI Appraiser

Dear Quora User, the only place to get the new version of CMMI V2.0 in online format. There is no longer a book that you can purchase or download. Neither are there CMMI-DEV or CMMI-SVC "constellations," just one model with different “views." These are some of the many changes you'll find in the new Model upgrade.

The reason for this is because the CMMI Institute has moved to an online subscription model, where you can only see the detailed content if you have an annual license. The price on this has been fluctuating as they experiment, but it’s somewhere between $400-1500US per user, depending on what you are buying.

The new CMMI is separated into two sections - protected content (anything that describes the meaning of the practices, including examples) and un-protected content (names of the Practice Areas (new terminology) and Practices. So you can see the list - just not what THEY think the meaning of each item is! For that you must buy a license.

Here are a couple of new things to get you started:

  • Process Areas are now Practice Areas
  • The sub-Practices have been eliminated
  • The Generic Practices have been eliminated
  • There are new Practice Areas for Governance and Implementation Infrastructure to replace and enhance the content from the Generic Practices
  • New CMMI appraisals will see the CMMI Institute determining the sample, not the Lead Appraiser or Sponsor
  • Each Practice Area has multiple levels within it (Practice Groups)

I’ve written pretty extensively on CMMI V2.0 here my blog, and have also done a number of videos (including interviews with the CMMI Institute’s Chief Architect) at

For more in-depth learning about CMMI V2.0, check out our upcoming CMMI V2.0 webinar, "CMMI V2.0 Is Here! Why It's the Best CMMI Yet.

Also consider signing up for a CMMI V2.0 Training class (where you will get the license as part of the training).

Good luck!

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