Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where can we find an agile and lean version of the CMMI Training Class?

Hey, CMMI Appraiser, We heard your CMMI training class is a little different from other CMMI training classes because you take an agile and lean approach to the CMMI Institute's "Introduction to CMMI-DEV v.1.3". Where can we sign up? ~ Galen D.

Galen, you heard correctly! As an organizational performance innovator, this CMMI Appraiser designed an agile and lean version of the CMMI Institute-authorized training class, "Introduction to CMMI-DEV v1.3," just for people like you. We're conducting the class on August 14-16 in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I'd love for you to experience it with us!


As you may already know about CMMI, (Capability Maturity Model Integration), the Model is a high-performance framework for engineering and software organizations that will give you the tools you need to focus on doing the things you signed up for - writing great software and building great products.

If your company is conducting a CMMI SCAMPI A Appraisal, this is a required course for Appraisal Team Members.

What will you learn in the CMMI training class?

In the class, you’ll learn how to use the CMMI as a guide to help you ...

  • Establish a useful level of control over your processes
  • Improve the speed of software delivery, engineered products, and technology services
  • Change and improve the behaviors within your company needed to deliver high-quality services and products

What's in it for you?

  • Learn about ways to improve performance and remain agile
  • 21 PDUs towards your PMP certification
  • More than a 30% discount
  • Fun and entertaining learning experience with hands-on games, exercises, and lectures

What do you get to take home?

  • CMMI Institute Authorized training materials
  • Broadsword exclusive training materials
  • A copy of CMMI: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement
  • CMMI v1.3 quick-reference card
  • CMMI v1.3 Reference Poster
  • Certificate of Completion

In "Introduction to CMMI" you will not only learn, but learn to apply what you’ve learned, so that you always know how things are going and how they can be made better.

Will you join us?

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Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, Certified CMMI Instructor, author and consultant with years of real-world experience with the CMMI in all types of organizations. Jeff has taught thousands of students in CMMI trainings and has received an aggregate satisfaction score of 4.97 out of 5 from his students.

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