Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What are the Gamers' Alley sessions at Capability Counts 2017?

Hey, CMMI Appraiser, What are the Gamers'Alley sessions at Capability Counts 2017? ~ Software and Engineering People Everywhere

Hey, all you good people of the software industry! One of the reasons I'm so passionate about Capability Counts 2017 is all the great opportunities we'll have to learn from (and with) one another. Like "Gamers' Alley," for instance. Ross Timmerman, from Broadsword’s Performance Innovation Team, is presenting two sessions of Gamers’ Alley at the conference. Gamers' Alley is an innovative, hands-on learning environment for experiencing breakthroughs in performance ...

But let's let Ross tell it.

Take it away, Ross Timmerman!

CMMI Appraiser: Welcome, Ross! Please enlighten our readers. What is Gamers' Alley?

Ross: Gamer's Alley is a fun and fast-paced way to learn about key concepts at the core of CMMI and Agile without really knowing that you're doing that while you play. It's noisy, chaotic, messy and intense all at the same time, much like working on a project.

CMMI Appraiser: What are some of the big a-ha moments people get at Gamer's Alley?

Ross: One big a-ha moment is when the gamers grasp the massive power of reflection and working together to get better early and often. It's so different than doing lessons learned at the end of a multi-year project. Another big a-ha moment comes when the concept of understanding value from the perspective of the user (customer), and then intentionally delivering value to the user (customer) as rapidly as possible creates questions about the value of thousand line project plans for multi year projects. Change happens so fast that we can't predict what will happen in a month much less a year.

CMMI Appraiser: What is the most astonishing thing you've seen happen at Gamer's Alley?

Ross: The most astonishing thing I see are the quiet, deliberative, engineering types throwing all that off, and diving in with wild abandon. Let's face it, work should be fun. If it's not, maybe we should buy some Legos!

CMMI Appraiser: Thanks, Ross! I hope everyone will come check out Gamers' Alley for this fun way to learn about improving performance.

See you at Capability Counts!

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