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The #3 Reason to Attend Capability Counts 2017: To Be an Agile Gamer!

Hey, CMMI Appraiser – What does Capability Counts 2017 offer Agile teams?
~ Agile Scrum Training teammate, State IT organization

Hello, my friends!

In my stops in software and engineering organizations all around the country (and planet), I’ve been talking a lot about Capability Counts 2017, which is being held near Washington, DC this year. So, in honor of the historic cadence of nation’s most sacred document … allow me to borrow a phrase from Thomas Jefferson.

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • Capability Counts 2017 was formerly known as SEPG NA, The CMMI Conference and (by this CMMI Appraiser, anyway) “The Greatest Show on Earth!”
  • The industry's premier event for Organizational Performance Improvement will be held in Alexandria, VA on May 6-8, 2017
  • We would love to see you there!

And now, on with the countdown. As we do every year here on Ask the CMMI Appraiser, we’re listing the Top 5 Reasons to Attend Capability Counts 2017. If you missed it, reason #5 was “To Build Capability!

Reason #4 was “To Take Advantage of All Our Nation’s Capital Has to Offer.”

Drum roll please!

The #3 Reason to Attend Capability Counts 2017 is …

To Be an Agile Gamer!

Yes, back by popular demand, “Gamer’s Alley” promises to be a highlight of the conference once again this year. If you’ve never heard of Gamer’s Alley, it’s a great way for anyone interested in Agile methods to acquire and develop skills while playing agile games.

How does Gamer’s Alley work?

Gamer’s Alley works by offering a fun, competitive environment, where engineering executives and professionals can learn new agile skills in the ultimate learning experience.

Do you love a test of wits? Do you get fired up over the idea of having a coach helping you win? My friend, this is the session for you. You’ll learn more about collaboration, iterative delivery, and continuous improvement in a hands-on environment that leverages CMMI and Agile methods. Your coaches and facilitators are experienced Game Masters who are also CMMI and Agile coaches and instructors. Make sure you stop by and check out concurrent events including the XP Game, the Collaboration Game, and more! There will be prizes and plenty of fun.

Do you have to know what Agile is to participate in Gamer’s Alley?

There are experience restrictions at Gamer’s Alley! This is where you get experience, in a safe, controlled atmosphere. Whether you’re just starting your capability journey, learning how to use CMMI in an Agile environment, or a seasoned veteran, you’ll take away valuable lessons that you can use right away.

Register here for Capability Counts 2017.

Need more reasons to go? Stay tuned for Reason #2!

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Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, Certified CMMI Instructor, author and consultant with years of real-world experience with the CMMI in all types of organizations. Jeff has taught thousands of students in CMMI trainings and has received an aggregate satisfaction score of 4.97 out of 5 from his students.

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