Monday, February 22, 2016

What is a PIID and where do we get one!


I’ve read a few places that reference a PIID that we need to fill out before appraisal. Is this still part of the SCAMPI process, and if so, where can we obtain a PIID template to get started with?

Thanks,  Tyler.


Thank you for your question to “Ask the CMMI Appraiser!

The PIID, or “Process Implementation Indicator Document” is nothing more than a spreadsheet or database that has all of the practices on the left, some columns for text descriptors, and a column on the right to place a document link or name. 

The PIID is not a requirement, however.  Many Lead Appraisers do not use them, and some (like us here at Broadsword) have developed a great deal of automation and functionality in theirs.  The PIIDs we use here at the ‘sword all work together and roll-up into a master database that makes the appraisal more automated.  But there is no requirement in CMMI or SCAMPI to use one.

There are even some companies that have developed elaborate databases to manage appraisal data, but we prefer the faster, more accessible version using Excel macros. It doesn’t require programming, installation, or having any special software on your server or computer. Better yet - there is nothing to buy at all!

Your Lead Appraiser, when you’re ready to choose one, should be able to advise you on which PIID to use, and if they have one for you it should be included in your contract with them.

Best of luck on your appraisal!

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