Thursday, August 27, 2015

Where can I get CMMI training in Michigan at a discount?

Hey, CMMI Appraiser,

We're a supplier to the automotive industry that is adopting CMMI in Michigan, and my boss wants everyone on the Lead Appraisal Team to find a CMMI Training class that goes easy on the budget.  Where can I get a good class for a good price? ~ Al B.

Hey Al,

You've come to the right place!  We still have a few seats left for "Introduction to CMMI" in Southeast Michigan on September 15th -18th.  It's a top-notch learning experience, and your boss is going to love the price!

Register for "Introduction to CMMI" now and save 30%!

"The Introduction to CMMI" training class, which includes an optional 1-day CMMI-SVC supplement, is designed for software and engineering professionals who are interested learning about CMMI, process models, and how to use them to be a great company.

The cool thing about this CMMI Training, versus the other guy’s, is that we help you learn to use the CMMI to learn about yourself, so you can get on the path to greatness. With learning as your goal, achieving a Maturity Level of the CMMI will be just one byproduct of your journey.

In addition, professionals can earn 21 PDUs towards your PMP Certification (or 2.5 CEUs) while learning to improve software and engineering performance with the CMMI.

What is this CMMI Training all about?

Helping you learn about the way you work, so that you can get better -- that's what the CMMI is all about.  By participating in "Introduction to CMMI" will help you understand how to set the right goals and objectives, and keep asking the right question, such as:
  • How do you know you are good at what you do?
  • How do you know if you are improving?
  • How do you know if the process you use is working well?
  • How do you know if your requirements change process is useful?
  • How do you know if your products are as good as they can be?
So sign up for "Introduction to CMMI", and tell a friend. Our CMMI training class is hands-on, interactive, practical, and a lot of fun.

Hope to see you in class!

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Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, Certified CMMI Instructor, author, and consultant with years of real-world experience with the CMMI in all types of organizations. Jeff has taught thousands of students in CMMI trainings and has received an aggregate satisfaction score of 4.97 out of 5 from his students.

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