Friday, March 22, 2013

Agile Resiliency: 2 Ways to Learn on 4/3/13

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A few weeks ago, as the nation's capital braced for the “snowquester” storm, my presentation on Agile Resiliency at DC SPIN was postponed.

Well, the sun is shining again, and we're doubling our efforts to help you learn about using the CMMI to strengthen the agile values, methods, and techniques in your company, making them resilient and strong.

Check it out. On Wednesday, April 3rd, your friendly neighborhood CMMI Appraiser is live ONLINE and ON LOCATION in Northern Virginia, bringing you two ways to learn:

Both presentations are LIVE, both are FREE, and both provide useful information about putting your company on the path to greatness. Choose to attend the Webinar at 1pm ET, or the presentation at DC SPIN in Fairfax, VA at 7pm ET ... or both!

Click HERE to register for the Live Webinar (April 3rd @1pm ET):
 "Agile Resiliency: How CMMI Enables Agile to Thrive and Survive"

Click HERE to register for the Live Presentation at DC SPIN (April 3rd @7pm ET, Fairfax, VA):
"Agile Resiliency: How CMMI Enables Agile to Thrive and Survive"

Why do we need Agile Resiliency?

One of the hottest issues right now is how to make agile strong, scalable, and accepted by an enterprise that is anything but agile  – or, as we say, how to create “agile resilience.”

Agile is, by definition,  a loose collection of methods and techniques. And, yes, there are always concerns that TOO much discipline will cause us different problems.  What to do?

 If we want agile to remain agile, and not go down the same road that "waterfall" went down (it wasn't always top-heavy and burdensome) we need to agree on a resilient model that can withstand the pressures of the large adopters that are comingon-line:  the DOD, the federal government, and manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries.  It is time to start building a resilient agile architecture.

That’s what the Live Webinar and Live Presentation at DC SPIN on April 3rd are all about. We hope you can make it!

Register for the Live Webinar.

Register for the Live Presentation at DC SPIN.

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