Monday, September 10, 2012

Why was the CMMI Appraiser in Hong Kong?

Hey, CMMI Appraiser – What were you doing in Hong Kong last week? I saw some tweets. ~ Brian O.

Hey, Brian, thanks for following us on Twitter. Last week Team Broadsword was “on location” in China to work with one of our great clients, MTR (Hong Kong's national rail company). They brought us halfway around the globe to deliver our CMMI + Scrum Learning Experience and to lead them through an effort to introduce agile methods to their Maturity Level Three-inspired software development team, using our agileCMMI methodology for continuous improvement.

Here is a pic of your CMMI Appraiser in China (that's me in the middle) with our gracious and talented hosts:

By the way, Brian, if you haven’t participated in our workshops yet, you’ll have a chance to do so in Virginia next week. CMMI + Scrum Learning Experience is popular, fun, hands-on working sessions in a structured environment, designed to move you rapidly toward whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Here’s what you'll experience:
  • Get educated
  • Try it yourself
  • Be mentored
  • Try it again
  • Make breakthrough discoveries

And there's more.  For those who love to learn, Broadsword is offering a full slate of trainings, workshops and webinars … right here in the USA … starting NEXT WEEK:

CMMI Training in Virginia:

September 11-13, 2012 in Fairfax, VA – Introduction to CMMI-DEV v1.3 - Fairfax, VA

September 28, 2012 – CMMI for Executives: Are you ready to Lead?

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Jeff Dalton is a Certified SCAMPI Lead Appraiser, Certified CMMI Instructor, author, and consultant with years of real-world experience with the CMMI in all types of organizations. Jeff has taught thousands of students in CMMI trainings and has received an aggregate satisfaction score of 4.97 out of 5 from his students.

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