Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reason #5 to attend SEPG Europe 2012: Spark your Passion!

The #5 Reason to Attend SEPG Europe 2012: Spark Your Passion!
Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword, CMMI Lead Appraiser, CMMI Consulting
Buenos días, amigos! So you’re wondering whether to pack your suit and join us in Madrid, Spain, for this year’s SEPG Europe 2012 on June 5-7?  Just as there are many traditional flamenco songs, lyrics, dances and instrumental styles in Spain, there are many reasons to attend SEPG Europe this year.  For the next few weeks,  I’ll be counting down the top five.
La lista?  Here are my Top Five Reasons to attend SEPG Europe, starting today with Reason #5.
Drum roll please …
SEPG Europe is where you can spark your passion for your profession.
SEPG Europe is the premier software process improvement conference in all of Europe.   Here you will meet hundreds of professionals from around the world –   people who care as much as you do about learning, networking and exploring solutions to their process problems.  These are the same practitioners who have been driving the CMMI’s reputation as the global leader in performance and process improvement.  You have a place among them.
The program is compelling.  This year the technical tracks offer more experts and more information than ever before – and more ways to get you thinking about solutions.  Designed for both experienced professionals and those who are new in the field, the conference program will challenge assumptions with its comprehensive view of the changing landscape of engineering and process improvement.
The slate of programs has been expanded and enhanced to meet you where you are in your career, and move you forward. Take a look at the range of topics awaiting you:
  • Agility and Rapid Process Improvement
  • People, Teamwork, and Organizations
  • Process as the Basis of Risk & Resilience
  • Process Improvement in Small and Medium Business
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Software and Systems Engineering Innovations
  • Multi-Model Process Improvement
  • High Maturity
  • Professional Development
Is your heart pumping yet?  Within each track are technical sessions designed to dive into the principles and practices that can help your organization better understand how to harness the power of process improvement.
So let’s get fired up, amigos!  It’s a three-day process feria filled with real-life, practical and implementable solutions that will help you take your business to the next level. What’s not to love?
Need more reasons to go?  Check back soon for Reason #4!
Jeff Dalton is President of Broadsword Solutions Corporation and Chairman of the SEI’s Partner Advisory Board.  He is a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser whose blog can be read at www.asktheCMMIAppraiser.com.  He can be reached at appraiser@broadswordsolutions.com

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Anonymous said...

I'll be heading to Madrid on June 1st and will be there until June 10th. I'm looking forward to seeing all of our Euro-Partners and touring the countryside before SEPG and the CMMI learning begins!