Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I hear that we don't have to provide Indirect evidence for appraisals anymore. Is this true?

Dear Appraiser,

I just heard that with the new version of SCAMPI v1.3 that we no longer have to provide "indirect evidence" for appraisals.  Whew!  This is going to make achieving a Level so much easier!  Only the direct evidence in required now, right?

Whooo hoooo!  No more Indirects!  How cool is that?

It is true that the new version of SCAMPI (v1.3) eliminates the concept of "Indirect evidence."  But it ALSO eliminates the concept of "Direct evidence!"  Boy, this is going to make achieving a maturity level really easy!


The elimination of the words "Direct" and "Indirect" do not mean we can eliminate the concepts of artifacts and affirmations being used to demonstrate process performance.

The new rules tell us that the appraisal team must review "appropriate artifacts" as evidence to determine (in concert with affirmations) the level of process performance for each project.  And we all know that just providing the formally-known-as-Direct evidence just doesn't cut it!

For instance, if your project provides an "estimating worksheet" as evidence that an estimate was performed, it doesn't tell the appraisal team HOW the estimate was performed, it only tells us THAT it was performed.  Since the CMMI is all about behavior, and not about documents, we might need that formally-known-as-Indirect evidence to tell the story.

Instead of asking you to go through a tedious inventory of documents ("is this a direct or an indirect?") we now leave it up to the appraisal team (and SCAMPI Lead Appraiser) to determine if what is being presented tells the full story.

So, bottom line, not much has changed.  The inventory exercise is streamlined, but the requirement to produce artifacts that meet the basic definition of "Indirect" and "Direct" still exists.

Sorry Level-Seekers.  And you know who you are.....


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