Thursday, January 27, 2011

What is a "Pre-Appraisal" and what are the rules?

Hey Appraiser!

Can you tell me something about the ‘pre appraisal’ requirements and restrictions?

I want to know the following specifically

  • What is the minimum required number of days that the appraiser himself needs to spend with the client company during the preappraisal
  • How are man-days different than normal working days when talking about the pre appraisal duration?
  • Does bringing more people from the appraiser for the pre appraisal work if the preappraisal days are reduced
  •  How many days a client can ask for from the appraiser , for the pre appraisal?

You say "Pre Appraisal" and I say "SCAMPI C!"  Sounds like a song.

There is no formal event in the CMMI world known as a "pre-appraisal" but that term is often used to describe a "gap analysis" or a "SCAMPI C" so I'll assume that's what you're referring to.

To answer your questions specifically:

- There is no minimum required days that the appraiser needs to send with the client company.  In order to do a thorough and professional job the appraiser should spend time talking with a large cross-section of your organization, select project that provide documentation for review, and to review the process documentation.  There should also be time for meeting with your executive sponsor and other key stakeholders

- man-days and "normal working days" should be the same.  Just remember that appraisals often required "pre-work" that is often done offsite, and "post-work" that is often done offsite as well.

- nine-women can't make a baby in one month, so more people from the appraiser's organization may not help.  There are SOME administrative things that can be shared by other people, but the LA still needs to see and speak with everyone, so it doesn't make much difference for a pre-appraisal.

- the LA and the client sponsor should collaborate on the amount of days required.  It all depends on the goals and objectives, the deliverables that have been agreed to, and the scope of the appraisal.  For me, a pre-appraisal is usually 2-3 days, but I have had them last as long as 5 days.

Good luck!


Sergio Navacerrada said...


I found this site searching answer to my question.

I'll be performing an educational presentation about benefits of CMMI in my organization. Anter having glimpsed SEI statistics after 2Q appraisals, I have realized how in 2010 and 2011 the amount of companies appraised is decreasing, specially in USA.

Is it for the surge of new models?
Is the financial crisis affecting Software Quality?

I'll try to figure out and any help will be appreciated.

BTW, I also love flying and I own a citabria.

Thanks in advance!
Sevilla, Spain.

Anonymous said...


I think the down-economy has had a big impact on the CMMI, but here in the US appraisals are on the rise since 2009-2010, with small companies leading the pack.