Monday, December 6, 2010

Can you describe the changes to CMMI v1.3?

We know we need to upgrade to CMMI v1.3.  What are the changes we need to be aware of?

There have been many changes to v1.3, with many, many redlines in the document, so I will address this iteratively (or course!).  I'll keep a running post, but here is the first "installment" (some of this is from the SEI's post on their CMMI website).

Changes made to all Constellations of the CMMI

- In V1.3, generic goals 4 and 5 were eliminated and therefore capability levels 4 and 5 were also eliminated.

- The IPPD option and its associated goals were eliminated (and some of the practices sprinkled into IPM and OPD)

- Requirements Management has been moved to the "Project Management" category in the Continuous Representation

- GP2.8 clarifies measurement by changing Monitoring and controlling the process  involves measuring appropriate attributes of the process or work products produced by the process to "Monitoring and controlling the process can involve measuring appropriate attributes of the process or work products produced by the process."  This should alleviate a lot of people from the oppression of measurement whackos.

Changes made to the SVC constellation only

For all process areas and categories unique to the CMMI-SVC model, the word "project" was replaced with "work,” “work group,” or other related term. These changes include the following:

1. Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) was changed to Work Monitoring and Control (WMC)
2. Project Planning (PP) was changed to Work Planning (WP)
3. Integrated Project Management (IPM) was changed to Integrated Work Management (IWM)
4. Quantitative Project Management (QPM) was changed to Quantitative Work Management (QWM)
5. The category Project Management was changed to Project and Work Management.C.

Changes related to CMMI V1.3 High Maturity 

Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID) was changed to be Organizational Performance Management (OPM). OPM includes the specific goals and practices of OID as well as a new goal and practices.

In OPM, a new specific goal 1 (SG1), Manage Business Performance, was added. The remaining specific goals from OID were shifted one place and renumbered (e.g. the previous SG1: Select Improvements becomes SG2).

Stay tuned for more!

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