Monday, September 20, 2010

How do I become a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser

Hi Jeff!
I want to foray into the field of CMMI. I want to be come a SCAMPI Lead appraiser. I have a few questions:

- What pre-requisite experience do I need?

Lead Appraisers must demonstrate significant industry experience in engineering, software, or project management, must have earned an advanced degree in a related field, and must complete all required SEI coursework and observations. In my opinion, the best LAs are those who have been engineers, project managers, AND line managers - giving them a broad understanding of the processes that drive the business

- Can an LA be independent, or must they work for a company?

An LA must be sponsored by and work for a licensed SEI Partner. The SEI Partner goes through a qualification process that is independent of the LA appraiser qualification process.

- What classes and other requirements are there?

In addition to the pre-requisites described above, a candidate must: complete the "Introduction to CMMI" class, complete the "Intermediate Concepts of CMMI" class (and pass the exam), become sponsored by an SEI Partner, take the "SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Training" class (and pass the exam), take the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser CMMI Certification Exam, and complete an observation by the SEI while conducting an appraisal.

The process will take several years from start to finish and can be costly - especially if you're funding it yourself.

Good luck!

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