Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I don't understand CMMI Certification. Can you clear it up?

I am preparing a presentation on CMMI but I am a bit confused about CMMI certification. I know for example that a person can have a Prince2 certification, but I do not know if there is an equivalent for people on CMMI, about certifications. Indeed, I have read on the internet that a CMMI certification is gained by a company (and not by a person like Prince 2). Is a "CMMI Appraiser" someone who has that "certification"? Is it then obtained by level? What is his role?

It is a company (or part of a company) that achieves a CMMI Maturity Level, not an individual. So, for example, XYZ Company is CMMI Maturity Level Three. A "Certified Lead Appraiser" is an individual who is authorized to conduct a CMMI (SCAMPI) Appraisal and award a Maturity Level to a company. This person has been through extensive training, has decades of experience, has passed both written and verbal exams at the SEI, works for an SEI Partner, and pays annual license fees. Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Jeff -

I have a client in India, who is a provider of information technology and consulting services delivering a range of services/applications to the outsourcing market, including:

Enterprise Application Integration
Data Warehouse
Business Intelligence

My client is already an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and only deals with the US market. He is now looking at the UK and broader European marketplace, and is unsure whether he would require any further qualification to gain business from European companies. Are European compliance stricter (compared to the US)? Is the CMMI level 1&2 certification a pre-requisite or PCMM certification also necessary?

Many thanks

Jeff Dalton said...

Well, CMMI ML1 is never a requirement....but ML2/3 are often required! In my experience, SPICE and ITIL are more prevelant in the UK, but CMMI is also popular.