Friday, April 10, 2009

I was selected to be an Appraisal Team Member but I don't show up on the SEI's site. What gives?

My company is now working on the CMMI-3 appraisal. I attended the "Intro to CMMI" training and also successfully registered as an ATM on the SEI website. Two weeks later, I'm still not showing up in the SEI's system.
I was told by the CMMI consultant to check "My Appraisals", but unfortunately, till now nothing can be found (  I think the Lead Appraiser has NOT selected me from the pool.

What concerns me is any adverse impact on my company's CMMI-3 appraisal if still nothing can be found in "My Appraisals" by the start (even the end) of SCAMPI A appraisal ?

Could you please kindly tell me the criteria for an ATM to participate on a CMMI-3 appraisal?

In order for you to participate and be added to an appraisal a few things have to happen.

     - You need to successfully complete the Intro to CMMI course
     - You have to demonstrate the pre-requisite experience as outlined in the SCAMPI MDD for engineers, project managers, or managers
    - You need to fill out, sign, and submit the SEI’s FERPA form (if you are in the USA)  
    - You need to register on the SEI’s ATM Pool registration page (  If you were able to do this then the first two items were satisfied.
    - Your Lead Appraiser must create the Appraisal Record in SAS
    - Your Lead Appraiser must add you to the appraisal as an ATM
    - You need to complete the SCAMPI Team Training given by your LA
 This all should be done prior to starting the appraisal, but it MUST be done by the end of the it. 
From your message it sounds as if your LA has either not created the appraisal record, or if they have, has not added you the appraisal team.


Anonymous said...

"submit the SEI’s FERPA form (if you are in the USA)"
Currently SEI requires such forms for all participants. No matter where they live or have completed training.

Anonymous said...

You know, sometimes I just shouldn't assume things. Why the SEI needs to try to enforce US law overseas is beyond me . . . .