Thursday, December 20, 2007

Is their a set of standard questions for CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals?

Is there an “official” list of questions that appraisers use when they are examining an org’s processes to determine their alignment with a given level of the CMMI model? Or, do the appraisers build their own questions based on process characteristics associated with each of the five levels?

There is no “official” question bank for CMMI SCAMPI Appraisals. Client’s often ask this and reason that such a question bank would help to standardize the appraisal method, however the specific context of each appraisal (organization, industry, product types, culture, et al) make it virtually impossible to make standardization effective. It’s far more informative to design the questions around the organization than to try to get them to answer unfamiliar questions.

Here at Broadsword we have a database of several hundred potential questions worded in many different ways that are mapped to the practices in the CMMI. Some questions map to multiple practices or even multiple Process Areas. We select the appropriate question set after spending some time getting to know our client and then modify the high-context words to better suit the language of their culture. This seems to produce the best results.

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Ms. Parker said...

Hello Jeff... I was wondering how does one get a SCAMPI to monitor their company's capabilities? How does that process work? Thank you in advance!