Sunday, November 11, 2007

CMMI Accelerator Products

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I don't usually self-blog but it's a slow Sunday and we here at the 'sword have some exciting news. For several years we've been focused entirely on consulting and training, and it's been going great. We've been growing fast, and bringing on new talent, so a few months ago we all got together to do some "strategic planning."

When discussing the many clients we have helped this year (thanks to all of you!) we realized that there were some companies out there that may want to "roll their own" when it comes to CMMI. Hey, this is great and is the same thing I did when I ran my first CMMI program (seems like decades ago).

Our sales person, Jill, kept asking what were the things all companies needed to do for CMMI that might be mundane, tedious work, and would our own internal collection of templates, tools, work products, procedures, and processes be of any use if we were to "productize" them in order to save these guys a few thousand hours? What a great idea!

So, we're announcing the release of our brand new "CMMI Acccelerator Boxed Set," an appraisal proven set of work products that will shave about one-thousand hours off of your program if you're just starting up.

For more info about the CMMI Accelerator click over to

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