Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why doesn't the CMMI address resources or people?

I know little about CMM levels as I am new in this industry. I went through the different levels and have observed that all these levels are related to the product and its quality only.

I want to know why resources or employees are not considered in these levels as the products are developed by these resources.

Ahhh, the smell of fresh blood! Welcome to CMMI and thanks for the post!

It took me years to really understand the model (some would say I have a long way to go!) but trust me when I say that it does address resources and people in many ways - although it's not always as obvious as it could be.

According to the CMMI, a "project" involves the application and coordination of resources (people, time, money, hardware, software, tools, data, et al) towards the achievement of a goal or objective (like the creation of a product). How do you apply these resources? You apply them through the use of processes and procedures right? Those processes are controlled and monitored by these same processes.

There is also a "version" of the CMMI called the People-CMM, or P-CMM that specifically addresses "people" related issues, but it is not yet commonly adopted in engineering or IT organizations. Cheers!

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